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Saving our Youth (SOY) Organization

Saving our Youth (SOY) Organization is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to strengthen families, build communities and keep kids out gangs and to educate the kids on gang / gun violence, bullying, cyberbullying, LGBTQ discrimination, and drug abuse. 


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Prevention can be aimed at creating a situation in which bullying is not tolerated, in giving potential bullies outlets and behavior suggestions so that thoughts and feelings that could end up in bullying are channeled in different ways, and in helping potential victims avoid becoming the victim of bullying behavior interactive storytelling projects that will engage students in the subject matter, prompt questions, add humor and re-enforce the need for personal responsibility. THERE IS SOMETHING WE CAN DO ABOUT THE EPIDEMIC OF BULLYING AND GANG VIOLENCE.

Please support me in opening a Youth Center in Maryland and prevent Bullying, Suicide and Gang Violence. It needs to stop now! Support the cause!

Our Vision

To improve the lives of kids and families by educating and providing the necessary social and cognitive skills that will prevent bullying and gang violence in the community and in school. With exercises that includes developing conflict resolution and mediation skills.

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